Orkun Ağır

Composer & Bağlama-player


Chamber Works | Antarja Quartet

AĞIR & PENDERECKI is supported by Provincie Noord-Brabant & Kunstloc Brabant

Listen how beautiful Magdalena plays a small part of my new Preludio di Quintetto per viola sola. As you all know I just came back from Poland. Rehearsed and worked with very good musicians, spent time with lovely people. Indeed, I'm talking about the Antarja Quartet. There is a lot to come, just keep following! For sure, you will get just as excited as we are!
AĞIR & PENDERECKI is supported by Provincie Noord-Brabant & Kunstloc Brabant

The POM Good Virus Sessions is an initiative by Bart van Dongen (POM Eindhoven). Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek invites musicians to record a one minute improvisation set which ends with an open ending. The next performer can pick it up from there and so the performance continues. In this POM Good Virus Sessions Extra video, five separate improvisations are merged into one new composition by Orkun Ağır.

Orkun Ağır Ensemble - Sestetto

and more

Orkun Ağır - Folk Songs

IV. Bu Suz-i Zulmetten

on a poem of Erzurumlu Emrah (1775 - 1854)

Orkun Ağır - If I die...

per soprano lirico, bağlama e trio con pianoforte
(World Premiere, Storioni Festival 2018)


Orkun Ağır - Sestetto

per clarinetto, bağlama, trio d'archi e pianoforte

 (World Premiere, Cultura Nova 2018)


Orkun Ağır - Opening Scene

Dante Alighieri (Theater Music)

 (Opus Theaterlab, 2015)