Orkun Ağır

Composer & Bağlama-player


Listen how beautiful Magdalena plays a small part of my new Preludio di Quintetto per viola sola. As you all know I just came back from Poland. Rehearsed and worked with very good musicians, spent time with lovely people. Indeed, I'm talking about the Antarja Quartet. There is a lot to come, just keep following! For sure, you will get just as excited as we are!
AĞIR & PENDERECKI is supported by Provincie Noord-Brabant & Kunstloc Brabant

Orkun Ağır Ensemble - Sestetto

and more

Orkun Ağır - Folk Songs

IV. Bu Suz-i Zulmetten

on a poem of Erzurumlu Emrah (1775 - 1854)

Orkun Ağır - If I die...

per soprano lirico, bağlama e trio con pianoforte
(World Premiere, Storioni Festival 2018)


Orkun Ağır - Sestetto

per clarinetto, bağlama, trio d'archi e pianoforte

 (World Premiere, Cultura Nova 2018)


Orkun Ağır - Opening Scene

Dante Alighieri (Theater Music)

 (Opus Theaterlab, 2015)